Palace Catering / About Us

 My mission is to promote the good repute of the traditionally highly-regarded Hungarian hospitality and welcoming of guests.


Palace Catering group is a dominant player of tourist attractions in Budapest in nearly 30 years. Our company started with providing catering service in international standards, as a company whose main profile was protocol, ornamental and gala events organization and management.

We are proud that we could complate to receive the 16th Lama Dalai when he visited out country in 1992. Our company was ordered wedding event for the Habsburg family in autumn of 1993. Gala reception following the premiere of Evita Hungary was orgazined by us in spring of 1997 at Museum of Applied Arts. The first Civil Servants Day special events are also set up by our company in 1997. We had the opportunity to orgazine ahe Hungarian Presidency of the European Union ornamental and gala performances in the Museum of Ethnography of 2012.

With operating Borkatakomba Restaurant our company have took steps higher. In parallel to the catering activity of Palace Catering, our company became one of the leaders in the field of traditional Hungarian hospitality in Budapest. In the wine cellar system of Budafok which consist of several branches we have formed the restaurant. Borkatakomba owns the longest history of restaurants in Budafok, todays appearance was created in 1994.

The Borkatakomba Restaurant is more than a restaurant: a little restaurant and a little theater. Apart form it presents the history of wine district provides unforgettable experience for tourists visiting Hungary. In the frame of Hungarian evenings with interactive entertainment our guests are introduced to Hungarian food and tradition. Our staf serves not just a dinner, but we spice the dinner with live music, interactive folklore and culinary programs. The restaurant can host up 310 guests at the same time, and can receives 30 guests in six large barrels.

Simultanously with the change of incentive tourism market our group has faced new challenges, which came to us as a unique opportunity. In Budafok which is the Champagne and Wine city our company purchased a centrally located property ensemble  consisting of an extensive cellar branches with exciting history. With reconstuction of it we could open Záborszky Cellar.

Mansion Záborszky and there established Wine City undertakes no less than to present wine’s  wonder: along with all the historical and cultural tradition, which is inseparable. Going through Historical Row of Barrels different types of barrels and wood carving masterpieces are going to unfold, wich was made based on centuries-old traditions. In Museum of crafts relics of and former professions related to the production of barrels and supply of wine tell us about the creative process. In Wine Street wine regions of Hungarian tell legends related to the region and about architecture. In Plague Chapel the contemporary religious life and the particular cave architectur monuments are echoed.

Záborszky Mansion offers a wide range of wine-related events for whom interested. Wine and champagne tasting programs, exclusive wine dinners, team building programmes are organized here. Wine Street, which is the main venue of Záborszky Winery ideal for incentive events, business reception, family events and cultural programs. In line with the needs the event allows up to 400 simultaneous placement.

With opening Záborszky Caller we have gaved over the first step of Borskanzen for visitors. Our future plan includes the widest dissemination of rich historical past and rich vinery tradicion of Bufafok with establishment of new tourist attractions.

Our catering service, Hungarian hospitality of Borkatakomba Restaurant and offerings of wine culinary of Záborszky Cellar allow us to complete the organization of an international-class events and provide the most value and experience are possible for our customers.