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The Borkatakomba (Wine Catacomb) Restaurant was etablished in a former wine cellar extending to several branches of the Budafok cellar system, it is the restaurant with the richest traditions. Borkatacomba is more than a restaurant: on one hand a restaurant, on the other hand a theatre. 

Theatre Hall

Folk danse ensembles deliver performances specially choreographed for the Borkatakomba, in the accompainement of József Balázs's 5-member orchestra in the centre of the restaurant called Theatre Hall.

The folk show start 20.30 p.m. every day.

Knight Hall

You can admire the special barrel heads, precious pieces of an excellent collection from Budafok on the walls of this Hall, which function as a private room for family and corporate events.

Inn Hall

This area recalls the atmosphere of former Hungarian inns, allowing you to get a taste of how they enjoyed themselves in by-gone times, and to show how you can enjoy yourself today. That can be the ideal place for small family and corporate events.

Barrel Hall


It is as if we would take a close-up look at the treasures of winery and history … and in fact we can, because we can take our dinner inside of giant original barrels by candlelight …



Opening hours:

Monday-Sunday: 6 pm -12 am 

By prior appointment only, in accordance with the personal need of clients