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Budafok Wine City developed in the cellars of the Záborszky Mansion aspires to no less than presenting the wonder of wine in its entirety, together with all historic and cultural traditions forming intrinsic parts thereof.  On the historic barrel row, barrels of various types that have been create according to centuries-old traditions as well as masterpieces of woodcarving artists are showcased. In the crafts museum, relics of ancient professions related to wine transportation and barrel making relate the story of the creative process. On the wine street, visitors can delight in artifacts of the Hungarian wine regions, and in the plague chapel, architectural artifacts of religious life of previous eras are presented. 

The whole city tells the story of wine, which is the proud holder of the title of City of Wine and Champagne.



Exhibition Hall

The exhibition hall houses the periodic contemporary fine- and applied art exhibitions of the Záborszky Mansion, thereby providing exhibition opportunities for more than just the local artists of the district.

The exhibition hall leads to the most prominent part of the Wine City, the Wine Street. 


Wine Street

The most emblematic part of the Wine Town is the Wine Street. The Wine Street in Budafok’s Wine Town has realised something that had never existed before: 10 ‘street’ 10 regions are merged into a single street to talk about Hungarian wine in the most possibly comprehensive manner. You can feel indeed as if you were ambling along a never-existed street, between buildings evoking the past: the press house facades placed in a skanzen-like fashion along one side of the street show the wine-making areas in Hungary, such as Badacsony, Balatonboglár Eger, Etyek-Buda, Mecsek foothills, Somló, Sopron, Szekszárd, Tokaj foothills and Villány.
What gives more realism to the sight is the grepe-hill chapel talking authentically about architectural and religious traditions of the age.


Historic Row of Barrels

Of the ca. 200 barrels in the Záborszky Cellar, with containment of 300 000 litres in total, most barrels serve decorative prposes. The most beautiful pieces are kept in the Exhibition Hall and within the Historic Row of Berrels.

We can get acquainted with carvings commemorating Hungary's most famous wine regions, and enjoy the sight of reputed artists' works of art. You can gain insights into the secrets of such crafts as cooperage and barrel-carving, and you can learn what carved barrel heads mean who the patron saints of grape and wine are.

Wine Town's other spectacles

Museum of crafts
The Plague Chapel
Interactive playhouse

A longer term idea is the direct connection between the Wine Street and Budafok's other well-known tourist attraction, the world's largest filled wood barrel. It will take a few minutes to walk from the end of the Wine Street up to the St. Stephan Crown Wine Cellar.

The connection between the two cellars will be the first step in the ‘Wine Skanzen’ cooperation that will re-created the system on interrelated cellars in Budafok.






















Open from 14 to 20 o'clock. Between Wednesday and Sunday.
You can walk in the cellar systeme with our sommelier, this program take 60-70 minutes, at the and we serve 1 glass of wine from the Záborszky Cellar, this program start every saturday at 15 and 17 o'clock.
Cost of the program: 1 000 HUF / person

Further open by arrangement in advance.