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 „With hard work and persistence I have succeeded in producing a much better sparkling wine than the champagne as known till now"

József Törley wrote in 1882, with the self-awareness that would, in a few years' time, prove to have been undoubtedly well-grounded:
by then Törley sparkling wines became reputed and admired globally.

Visitor Center

Truly special experiences await for champagne connoisseurs on Anna street in Budafok. The Törley Champagne Cellars welcome visitors with a unique exhibition, where we can take a look into the champagne culture of the past and the present through period instruments and relics.  One of the features of the Törley Collection and Visitor Center is the special design. By passing through exhibition halls shaped as champagne glasses, bottles and corks, we can learn about the extraordinary history of the Törley "Sparkling Wine Factory" and the Champagne Order, wander in the world of Hungarian champagne, and can get some insights into the life of the founder József Törley. 



Törley Sparkling Wine Factory has been making sparkling wines since its foundation in 1882. In Anna street where sparkling wines are fermented and aged in bottles, you can familiarise yourself with different procedures of sparkling wine manufacturing, in the presence of champagnes piles, different riddling racks and Magnum bottles.

You can also learn how sparkling wine was 'born', how Budafok became a citadel of sparkling wine production in Hungary, while tasting Törley's high quality sparkling wines.

Zsolnay Banquet hall

The marble hall of the Törley Champagne Cellars is decorated by the mosaic of the Zsolnay factory of Pécs. We recommend this hall for champagne tastings after the cellar tour, or if a champagne dinner is selected, the meal is also served in this room. 


Open-air gallery and garden

The semi-open hall of red brick walls and archway connects to the park created above of champagne cellars. It serves as an excellent location for outdoor receptions and dinners. Due to proximity of residential buildings, programs can be organized here until 10 pm. 



Opening hours:

By prior appointment only, in accordance with the personal need of clients