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Wine tasting and dinner

Budafok, the holder of the honorable title of “City of Wine and Champagne” is proud to present a globally unique attraction. The world`s largest fillable wooden barrel and the one-of-a-kind Wine City are located in this system of cellars. Wine tasting and optional professional wine presentation take place between visiting the two points of interest.  

If a wine dinner is selected, of course it will be dominated by wine, the enjoyment of which is made complete by the gourmet courses prepared by our Olympic medalist master chef.

Active winery program

Within the framework of our active winery program, the participating teams taste excellent wines at the stations set up in the winery, while compete in playful competitions (calabash, barrel rolling, recognition of museum piece tools, target throwing with cork, wine pool, blind tasting, server tournament, wine song competition. The tasting and the competition are refereed by the winemakers who accompany the teams. During the program, while visiting the one-of-a-kind Budafok cellars, our guests are enriched by incomparable experiences.

Champagne tasting and dinner

While roaming in the champagne cellars, visitors can get familiar with the process of traditional champagne-making and the various types of production technologies. Understanding the disgorging  procedure can solve the mystery of how it is possible to age champagne for years and then to market it in the same bottle without decanting.  In the course of the program, our guests learn about the legend of Dom Perignon and typically taste 2-4 different champagnes with the help of the sommelier.

Gourmets are welcome to taste the raw champagne stored on the “shaking rack“!

The courses of our champagne dinner program are prepared by our master chef in light of the selected drinks.


Winery in the Záborszky Cellar

One of the largest and most visually appealing wineries carved into the limestone of Budafok is the Záborszky Cellar, which proudly preserves and the centuries-old traditions of grape cultivation and winemaking as well as the knowledge collected by several ethnicities. The following wines, which have been carefully selected by our cellar man, are aged here:

The Transdanubian Italian Riesling is a velvety wine from the Ászár Neszmély wine region, which has a centuries-old grape cultivation tradition and is deservedly famous for its excellent white wines. Of all grape varieties producing white wine, the Italian Riesling is one of the favorites of the Hungarian consumer. The greenish-yellow Italian Riesling -with its strong acids, bitter taste reminiscent of almond and characteristic reseda smell- is a wine of rich aromas.

The Cabernet Franc of Szekszárd is produced in a sunny region, influenced partly by Mediterranean weather conditions, from a grape grown in top quality yellow soil. The region is famous for its full-bodied red wines, which -in addition to their enjoyment value- are also known for their proven health promotion effect. Due to its flavonoid and resveratrol content, the skin of red wine grapes has a heart and vein protection effect. By increasing vein flexibility, they exert their effect by reducing cholesterol level and blood pressure. In this wine region, the Cabernet Franc is one of most popular varieties, which boosts a red berry flavor, has a rich pigmentation and –thanks to the lengthy skin-on fermentation- is a fiery at the same time velvety wine.

The Cabernet Franc-Merlot cuvée is the flagship wine of our winery, which is a typical cross-breeding of the two varieties of French origin. Aging in oak barrique barrels smoothly complements the black currant, plum and fruity flavors, thereby presenting a rich, full-bodied wine to consumers. Wines aged in the ever-largest cellar of Budafok are items reserved for the cellar`s own restaurant and not sold in commerce. We offer the Hungarian wine enthusiasts a wine selection which has been specifically assembled for our guests..